Get Results In Groups

The Performance Team Group Program is an ideal way in order to dive deeper into the various aspects of  the subject that is discussed during the talks and seminars.  This will  enable you to get the results you want and deserve!!
There is a Performance Team Seminar/Workshop usually twice a month, on weekday evenings, live at the studio.

We will together cover the following subjects :

1/ Paradigms : Perception determines our behaviour. How our beliefs and conditioning ultimately affect our results.
2/ Feelings and Emotions: The difference between them and what part they play in how we operate as human beings.
3/ Energy: Quantum Physicists all agree that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Deeper dive into the energy scale of consciousness.
4/ ‘In Flow’ or ‘In the Zone’ : This is all about attaining the state in which Peak Performance comes from.
5/ Removing Blocks in our Energy System: More techniques to help us to Respond appropriately as opposed to ‘reacting’ (mostly negatively).
6/ Manifestation: Our thoughts become things. How to get the results we actually want. 

This is an interactive forum in order for you to get your questions answered and to achieve your desired outcomes.
There is also a private Facebook support group.
This is also where everyone can be of help to each other. This is the power of the Group.
Members of the Performance Team will be able to come to the studio and participate as they would in a normal seminar. If they cannot make the studio they can join in on the live Facebook call and get their questions answered in the chat box. For those that cannot make a particular meeting either in the studio or online, then the whole of the event is available to watch later at a time to suit you.

Over the last 30 years I have calculated that I have invested over £100,000, and thousands of hours, in gaining the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver my seminars/workshops and work with people individually to transform their lives.
Also if you have any questions at all about your suitability and whether  the Performance Team Group program is for you kindly let me know and I will gladly answer any queries you may have.

To your success,